Bad Kitty’s Birthday Piñata

It’s Bad Kitty’s birthday! Help Kitty break open the piñata so she can eat some tasty treats for her birthday.

Kitty and Puppy Have An Accident

Help Uncle Murray keep his carpet clean! Send kitties to the litter box and puppies to the backyard. But hurry, or Uncle Murray will have a big mess on his hands!

Bad Kitty: Clean Up

Help Bad Kitty clean up!

Memory Game

Keep matching two of a kind. When you've matched all the pictures, you win!

Go Cat Go

Bad Kitty's on the run! Help her jump from the table to the counter and back again--just don't fall off!

Bad Kitty: A School Daze Maze

Inspired by Bad Kitty School Daze. In this game, Bad Kitty faces her toughest challenge yet!

Bad Kitty Stacking Game

Bad Kitty is at it again! See how high you can pile the furniture without Kitty knocking it down.

Bad Kitty Slicing Game

Slice and dice Bad Kitty's favorite foods! Just don't pop the balloons or Kitty will go running scared!

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Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty
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