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A Note from Nick Bruel

NickBruelPictureHello there reader!


Nick Bruel, author of the Bad Kitty Books here.  Welcome to our new and improved BadKittyBooks.com! The new site is full of awesome stuff to explore and I am thrilled to share it with all of you. But enough about that. I have exciting news.


We’re starting up the super-coolest-most-awesome-best-ever Bad Kitty Book Club!  In the following months, those who sign up will receive a newsletter from me and the rest of team Bad Kitty with all sorts of exclusive information about our favorite feline. Contests!  News and Trivia!  Games!  Activities!  Be the first to hear everything new and spectacular about everything Bad Kitty. Most importantly, you’ll be the first to know about new Bad Kitty books and events.


For instance, there’s going to be a big announcement in April.  And I do mean BIG.  Big-big-biggity-big!  That’s how BIG it’s going to be.  I wish I could tell you more.  But I’ll give you a little hint.  It involves cake and balloons and sometimes a piñata.  That’s all you get!  No more hints! Sign up on the Bad Kitty Book Club page.


In the meantime, since you have an interest in Bad Kitty and dare I say, cats in general, I thought I’d give you a refresher on cat speak.  You never know when you when you are going to come across a feline in your everyday life.  I’m sure you meet them on the streets, at your aunt’s house, or in your friend’s backyard.  Cats are everywhere so you should know what they are trying to tell you. It could be quite useful.   The following is a list of cat sounds and their meanings.


  • MEOW = I am hungry.
  • MEE OOO WWW = I am very hungry.
  • MEE OOW RRROWW RRR! = I’m pretty darn hungry, and you better feed me right now or suffer the horrible consequences.
  • FFT! = I want to be alone.
  • HISSS! = Back off, pal!
  • MEOWR REOWR FFT! = Unless you’re really tired of living, please respect that I am  in a very bad mood.”
  • MEOWR REOWR YEOWR HISS FFT FFT FFT MEOWR =Well, this is so horrible and repulsive that we could all go to jail for the rest of our lives if this was printed. So I won’t interpret. Consider yourself a cat-speak insider now.


Look for more of my blog posts.  Until next time, keep reading!  READ!  READ!  READ!  I wouldn’t be making books today if I didn’t grow up reading as many books as I could. 


Your Bad Kitty author,

Nick Bruel

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