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Back to School! A Note from Nick

Hi, Everybody!


Welcome to the first ever Back-to-School blog post from me, Nick Bruel.


By now, everyone is probably pretty tired of going on vacation or going to the beach or watching too much TV or going to camp or riding ostriches or fighting zombies or doing all that boring stuff that we always do on summer vacation.  But now school is back in session and it’s time to GET BUSY!


True story: When I was a kid my friend Robert and I would spend entire summer afternoons playing a game we called “Let’s Throw Gravel At Each Other”.  Robert would crawl into a ditch, and I would climb into a different ditch.  The object of the game was then to throw small rocks at each other until someone got hit on the head and cried.  Game over.


That’s the kind of dopey goofiness (or is it “goofy dopiness”?) kids do when it’s summer and everyone is bored.  And that is why Back-To-School was invented — to keep kids from throwing rocks at each other all day.


One way to get your kids excited about Back-to-School is to pick up and read a copy of “Bad Kitty: School Daze”.  In this book you’ll find out what happens when Kitty does something so horrible in the beginning of the book that she and Puppy are both sent to a pet obedience school for the day.





Looking for a fun Back-to-School activity for your kids?  Avoid the dopey goofiness (rock throwing, etc.) with this Bad Kitty writing exercise!


This time their task is to write the story “BAD KITTY GOES ON A FIELD TRIP”.


Here are some of the questions authors could ask themselves when writing this story…


Where does Kitty go on the field trip?

Does she want to go?

Does she have to partner up with someone for the day?  If so, who?


Answer these questions and some of their own, and your child should have a pretty good story on their hands.


That’s all for now!  Until next time,




Nick Bruel


P.S.:  Kids, please don’t throw rocks at each other.  Seriously.  Don’t even throw little rocks at each other.  It really hurts.

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