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Holiday Advice from Nick

Well it’s December. It’s time to finally do something about that pumpkin that’s been sitting out on your doorway since mid-October.

And if you haven’t recovered from last year’s holidays yet, well tough. Here they come again.

And to make things worse, the kids will be home soon. Not just for a day. Not just for the weekend. The kids will be home for TWO WEEKS! 14 DAYS! 336 hours of non-stop family time. But don’t despair. Here’s where Bad Kitty comes in.

The best way to keep your kids out of trouble? Let them read about Kitty getting in to trouble! The new edition of A Bad Kitty Christmas comes with three ready-to-hang Christmas ornaments featuring some favorite Bad Kitty characters, and gives kids hefty dose of Kitty’s yuletide antics. We also have a brand new Bad Kitty Christmas Activity Kit featuring word searches, coloring pages, mazes and more.

I know what you’re thinking… now what? This won’t cover all the time you’ll need, and as tempting as it may be, you really don’t want to park them in front of the TV to watch the Yule log for ten straight days. That’s where my monthly Bad Kitty story writing assignment comes in.

This month… Bad Kitty Is Bored

I think there’s something poetic about giving a bored kid the assignment of writing about a bored cat during the holiday break. Here are some questions that can be answered for this story…

Why is Kitty bored? Is there really nothing to do, or is she just in a bad mood?

Is there something she would really like to be doing but can’t?

Is Puppy bored, too?

Answer these questions and/or some of your own and you could have a pretty good story by the time you’re done.

So, good luck making your way through December. I’ll see you again in January, and boy-oh-boy will I have a lot to tell you in January. There will be FOUR brand new Bad Kitty books coming out in 2015, and the first one comes out in January!

More later!

Nick Bruel

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