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Kitty Meets Georgie: A Q&A with Nick Bruel and Ruth Chan

Looking for another literary cat to share with your family? Ruth Chan’s debut picture book Where’s The Party? features a brand new and adorable cat character that we’re sure kids and parents will love: Georgie! To introduce Georgie (and his friends) to the world, we asked Ruth and Bad Kitty creator Nick Bruel to talk cats, books, parties.

Describe your respective felines:

What are their personalities like?

Nick Bruel: The best word to describe Kitty might be “temperamental”. Honestly, “Temperamental Kitty” might be a more accurate name for the series as a whole. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue very well.

Ruth Chan: Georgie is the sweetest cat, almost to a fault. He is always looking on the bright side of things, and will do anything for his friends. Georgie may not be the smartest, and might miss the mark on some things, but he always has his heart in the right place. He’s the kind of cat that would look at Kitty’s temperamental moods and find a way to love her for them.


Nick Bruel, Bad Kitty, and editor Neal Porter celebrate at the Jefferson Branch of the New York Public Library. Nice tie, Nick!


What’s your favorite quality about them?

NB: I’m not sure. Maybe that she sleeps a lot. When Kitty’s sleeping, she’s a lot less likely to attack or berate you. That’s not a guarantee. But she is less likely.

RC: That’s easy. I love that Georgie loves cake! Because I love cake, too!

I also like that that he is very persistent when he has a goal in mind (which also includes eating cake). I guess that’s something Georgie and Kitty have in common: Persistence. Or some might call it “stubbornness”.


Ruth with the real Georgie and friends!


If your literary cat was at a party, what would they be doing?

NB: Trying to figure out a way to get away from the party. As evidenced in “Happy Birthday, Bad Kitty”, even when the party is in her honor, Kitty does not relish the company of other cats, or anyone else for that matter. Mind you, she likes the food. And she really likes the idea of getting presents. In this way, I think Kitty is a polar opposite of Georgie. Wouldn’t you agree, Ruth? While Georgie embraces the idea of festivities and the company of others, Kitty’s instincts are to recoil from both. To be perfectly honest, I’m a lot like Kitty that way.

RC: I think you’re right, Nick. Georgie would be the one blocking the door to prevent Kitty from leaving the party. He would try to convince her to stay and have a good time by bringing her the best food, putting on a song he thinks she might like, and then putting on another song he thinks she might like when she says she doesn’t like that first song. Georgie is definitely the one running around the party making sure everyone is having fun. And just like Nick is like Kitty at a party, I’m like Georgie at a party, though I think I probably have better taste in music than he does (which is not saying much).

How do you think Georgie would get along with Bad Kitty and vice versa?

NB: Well Georgie’s the sort of character and cat you would really want to be around in real life. Kitty, not so much. But despite Kitty’s many flaws and mood swings, I think Georgie would still embrace her. Kitty… well… I’m not sure the feeling would be mutual. This is where I differ from Kitty. Personally, I like Georgie. I would get along quite nicely with Georgie, even though I don’t think he and I are much alike. But Ruth created him. And I like Ruth a lot.

RC: Hmm. I bet there are things Georgie and Kitty would find some common ground on. They both love food, obviously. And they could help each other out. Like Kitty could give Georgie all the candy she doesn’t like. And since Georgie loves dogs, he could play with Puppy so Puppy leaves Kitty alone. I think they call it a symbiotic relationship, right?

And Georgie definitely embraces Kitty and all that she is. Just like I embrace Nick, even though he’s always trying to leave my parties!

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