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PHOTOS – Bad Kitty’s Birthday!

Bad Kitty’s birthday was on May 13th, and we were ready to party! See below for meow-tastic photos of Bad Kitty and friends celebrating her birthday.


Bad Kitty FIB

Bad Kitty performing an elaborate happy birthday dance in front of the Flatiron Building!



Bad Kitty 7

Nick Bruel, Bad Kitty, and editor Neal Porter celebrate at the Jefferson Branch of the New York Public Library. Nice tie, Nick!



Bad Kitty Party Hats

Time to party, Bad Kitty style!



Nick Bruel Draws Bad Kitty

Author Nick Bruel draws an octopus. Er, we mean an eggplant. GAH–wrong again! Nick draws our favorite feline, the one and only Bad Kitty.



bad kitty tx 4

A wonderful time was had by all.



Bad Kitty Mask

Bad Kitty masks are fun!



Nick, sneak peek

Is that a sneak peek of a new Bad Kitty book we see?!?!



Bad Kitty in the Park

Yay for Kitty!


Thanks for celebrating with us!




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