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Summer Reading! A Note from Nick

Hi, Gang!

Nick Bruel here, and we have a lot to cover in this blog post, so let’s get started.

First off… are there any babies or toddlers nearby? If so, please bring them over, because I have a special message for them.

Hello, Babies and Toddlers!

Ga Ga Oogie Bloggle Aga Aga Blop Blop Blop Pfffffttt Aba Blop!

For the rest of you, I just told the babies and toddlers about the brand new Bad Kitty book coming out on July 22nd — “BAD KITTY’S TASTY TREATS: A SLIDE AND FIND ABC”. That’s right, the first book created exclusively for babies and toddlers is coming out very shortly, and it packed full of all of the same humor and goofiness that big kids love in all of the older Bad Kitty books, only now there some peek-a-book fun added in.

Next up… IT’S SUMMER! For most of you this means that school is ending and now you need something more to fill your child’s day. Here’s something you can do with them…READ!

Read as many books together as you can. They don’t have to be Bad Kitty books, although that would be lovely. Visit your local library, take out a book, and read wherever you can! In the park! On a plane! Take turns page by page and see who can read with the best French accent! Reading is the best way to keep kids’ brains engaged throughout the summer, and they will be having too much fun to even realize they’re (SHHHHHH!) learning.

And while they’re at it… they can WRITE!

Beginning with this blog post, I’m personally going to give you a Bad Kitty writing activity to share with your children. You’ll be surprised by the crazy stories they can come up with!

It’s summertime, so this Bad Kitty writing prompt is…


Here are some questions authors—AHEM, kids—might ask themselves while writing.

1) Does Puppy go to camp, too?

2) Does Kitty have any allergies?

3) What would be Kitty’s favorite and least favorite activities?

Answer some or all of these questions, and they could have quite the story on their hands.

And for the younger kids? Draw a picture of Bad Kitty and your family doing your favorite summertime activity! Just make sure it’s not at the beach. Kitty hates the beach. Or at the pool. Kitty hates the pool. So maybe it’s more a picture of your family having a good time, and Kitty sulking in the corner.


See you soon,

Nick Bruel

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